The Roots of a Greener Home

Gain GBCI & AIA CE while learning innovative ways to green your life! GBRI’s book is divided into four main sections: Home and Garden, Home Improvements, Home Savings, and Home and Lifestyle. Each of these sections is then further divided into categories that address the components of the home from roof to floor and everything in between, including landscaping, lighting, water conservation practices, energy savings, cleaning, health and nutrition, transportation, and home audits that can lower the consumption of natural resources.

1. A brief explanation of the topic
2. Possible environmental benefits
3. Pros and cons from the homeowner’s perspective
4. Basic steps to give the homeowner a good idea of what is involved
5. Cost Estimator for a standard 1,500-square-foot home
6. Quick Tips that the homeowner needs to know to make the project better or easier and avoid potential problems
7. A Project Rating box that includes a rating for five attributes of the project: level of difficulty, cost, maintenance, home value, and savings.

 The book is in a PDF format and is delivered via an on demand portal. To earn CE credit, complete short quizzes at the end of each section of the book. The book is composed of 60 GBCI/AIA CE Hours. If you are in need of LEED Specific CE Hours, purchase the Roots of a Greener Home + 6 LEED Specific CE Hour package below and renew your credential in one place!

The Roots of a Greener Home

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The Roots of a Greener Home + 6 LEED Specific BD+C, ID+C, O+M Hours

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